PSI Webinar 224: Master protocols: theory, application & reg

PSI Webinar 224: Master protocols: theory, application & reg
A protocol of a clinical trial with a design that allows testing multiple drugs and/or multiple subpopulations in parallel is called master protocol. Master protocols have been used in the pharmaceutical industry for some time now and examples include the I-SPY 2 trial and the Lung-MAP trial. For this webinar, PSI brings together experts on master protocols from the pharmaceutical industry, academia, and regulatory agencies. The speakers will recapitulate terminology surrounding master protocols, present recent advances in the methodological research on master protocols, discuss concerns regarding type I error control and Bayesian approaches, and outline the operational aspects of running a clinical trial with a master protocol through case studies. The speakers will also be available for a Q&A after the presentations. The webinar is intended for the pharmaceutical statistician who works or plans to work with master protocols, the academic who research relates to master protocols, and generally everybody interested in the topic.
9/23/2020 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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